Woohoo we did it! With Cycle For Change 2015 now completed, we have topped $30,000 with our fund raising. These funds will reach families in West Bengal, in their health, nutrition, education, their knowledge of their rights and skills in protecting their children and in gaining a voice to determine their futures.

We are absolutely thrilled and deeply grateful to the 9 riders from 3 states for the effort they put into making this a success. Despite the many hills, all our riders, including Karina, Camille, Neil, Karen, Josh, Peter, Steph, Magan and Jennie with support from Paula, Beau, Anne, Elizabeth, Tasmanian Camping Tours: Scott and Maggie completed the 460km ride through eastern Tasmania from Launceston to Hobart.

Thank you to the friends, family and sponsors from around the globe for your support.

Great logistical support by Tasmanian Camping Tours and Discovery Learning made the cycle safe and enjoyable for all. We particularly enjoyed two opportunities to host public talks about CINI in Scotsdale and Artifakt Restaurant in Swansea.

A daily blog of the ride can viewed here.