CINI Australia supports women and children to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and disadvantage in India. 

By raising funds to support programs in India that enable self-determination we help women and children to build personal and community capacity. Since 2011 we have been supporting a range of dedicated programs that target education, safety, nutrition, healthcare and emergency relief in some of the most disadvantaged communities in India. 

Facilitated by CINI in India each program is developed by women and their communities who identify both the need and the solution. This process is the foundation of the CINI Method  an internationally recognised and awarded human rights-based approach to meeting the needs of children living in poverty.  

Women and children become leaders in transforming their communities to be more inclusive and keep children in good health, well nourished, educated, protected and safe. This means all the work is done in India by local people, utilising their own philosophies and methods.

How We Help 

We raise funds in Australia that are used to support specific programs facilitated by CINI in India that empower communities to ensure that children’s fundamental rights are fully respected, protected and fulfilled.

At least 92% of funds raised goes directly to women, families and communities in India. The funds we raise in Australia are maximised, utilised immediately and highly effective. 

Because we’ve been associated with CINI in India since they began 50 years ago, we have built a respectful, honest and authentic partnership with them. Board members of CINI Australia regularly take self-funded trips to India to witness first-hand the lasting change our fundraising and support enables for women, children and communities. 

You can find out more about the programs we support here and how you can help here.