CINI India is an internationally respected, registered Non Government Organisation, operating in India.

CINI, short for the Child in Need Institute, takes a rights-based approach to development work carried out primarily in West Bengal, Jharkhand and more recently the far north east Indian states – some of the most disadvantaged areas of India. Each program is developed by communities which identify both the need and the solution. 

Recognised as a leading authority on mother and child nutrition and healthcare in India, CINI provides training to staff from major charities such as UNICEF, CARE India and CRY (Child Rights and You) India, as well as many smaller local NGOs operating in a range of countries.

CINI Method

CINI India’s approach concentrates on creating child friendly communities

This involves families, local government, health services, schools, police and community groups, all committed to respecting, protecting and fulfilling children’s rights in health, nutrition, education, and protection from all forms of abuse, exploitation and violence.

This process is the foundation of the CINI Method – an internationally recognised and awarded human rights-based approach to meeting the needs of children living in poverty. 

CINI acts as a facilitator in engaging key people in the local community to increase awareness on problems affecting the community, identify vulnerable families through social mapping, plan ways to address shared priorities, and monitor the progressive fulfilment of human rights for the whole community. 

At the heart of the CINI Method are the children and women. By enabling them to make decisions and facilitate change in their community that affect their own lives, children and women become leaders in transforming their communities. This inclusive method builds personal and community capacity and enables systemic change.

CINI also assists local government workers to build capacity and enable systemic change within their own communities.

To find out more about the process and outcomes of the CINI Method go to the CINI India website

Awards and recognition

CINI is internationally recognised as a leading authority on mother and child nutrition, health care and education and is proud to have received the following awards and recognition to date.

  • 2023 NAT-Health Healthcare CSR Award ‘Community Based Health Solutions’
  • 2020 Winner for 2019-20 in Enablement and Empowerment category for creation of Safe Spaces for girls to interact discuss on topics of social taboos – eNGOChallenge.
  • 2019 Women and Child Welfare award – Parivartan Inspire by BWW 
  • 2019 Guide Star India Advance Gold NGO Certification for transparency and accountability
  • 2017 Best NGO Health – HCL Award
  • 2016 Guide Star India Gold NGO Certification for transparency and accountability
  • 2015 Women’s Empowerment and Inclusive Development Award – Vodafone Mobile for Good Awards
  • 2015 Nari Surakha Sanman Award for contribution in the field of protection and prevention of underprivileged children’s and women’s rights
  • 2013 ABP Ananda Sera Bangali Award to Dr S Chaudhuri, founder CINI
  • 2013 NGO Excellence Award – SPJIMR Harvard USA –
  • 2011 India Health care Award, India Initiative  – ICICI Lombard and CNBC TV18 
  • 2011 Excellence in Primary Health Care Award – World Health Organisation
  • 2008 Annual Rotary India Award for making the most significant contribution in reducing child mortality
  • 2008 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, USA to CINI’s director and founder, Dr Chaudhuri
  • 2007 World of Children Award to Dr Chaudhuri, CINI’s director and founder,
  • 2005 Parliament prize for infants – Italian Partlament, to Dr Chaudhuri
  • 2004 The National Award in the field of Child Welfare
  • 1994 Allen Feinstein Hunger Award – Brown University, USA
  • 1991 Jal Modi Grant – Rotary Club of Calcutta
  • 1991 The Liguria Prize – International Centre for Development of Culture of People, Italy
  • 1985 The National Award in the field of Child Welfare