You and your employees can help to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and disadvantage in India. 

The funds we raise in Australia are maximised, utilised immediately and highly effective. 

Because we’ve actively supported CINI in India for over 11 years, we have built a respectful, honest and authentic partnership with them. Which means we know that at least 92% of funds raised go directly to support programs in India that enable self-determination for women, families and communities. 

You can choose to sponsor any of the dedicated programs that target education, safety, health or nutrition in some of the most disadvantaged communities in India.  

Please contact us to talk about how you can align your brand with our work to give women and children in India a voice in their own futures. 

Why Tim Mathews Chose CINI Australia for Modus

Tim Mathews, Managing Director of Modus Property, has been a valued supporter of CINI Australia for many years now; donating a portion of every job they do to CINI Australia.

Modus Property offer a level of service to trade work usually only expected from “White Collar” professionals. To date Modus Property have donated over $100,000 to CINI Australia.

We met with Tim recently to ask him what inspired him to support CINI Australia and thank him for his on-going support. You can read the full article here: Why Tim Mathews Chose CINI Australia for Modus.

We would like to say a big thank you to Tim and his staff at Modus Property for their incredible donations and commitment to CINI Australia.

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