CINI Australia is pleased to support two vital programs.

The Sponsor a Mother and her Baby program starts in pregnancy and continues until the baby is two years old.  It is one of the most effective ways to give a child born into a poor family the best start in life.  Good antenatal care means healthier mothers, better birth weights, good nutrition and stronger resistance to childhood illness. 

$15 a month for 30 months will sponsor a mother and her baby from pregnancy through to 2 years of age. Find out more.

The Educate a Child sponsorship program provides a vital step on the path out of poverty. This program provides education “safe spaces” for groups of 25 children. These are simple venues, usually a room contributed by a local club where the children, can play, create and learn in safety.  Many children are first generation school goers and in these spaces the children get the extra support they need to succeed at school.

$10 a month for a year will help a child to succeed at school and provide them with a safe place to learn and play through our Educate a Child program. Find out more.

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