and empower women to build a path out of poverty for their families. CINI Australia’s effective community development programs work with  families, community services and local Government leadership to make sure that change is lasting. The current programs include: The Child Friendly Community Development program, IICCHAA for children affected by HIV/AIDs and Ujjan for adolescents in Kolkata’s red light districts.

Sponsorships allow you a personal connection with the progress of a mother and her baby or a child at school.

You will make a difference where it is really needed.

Thank you for your generosity.

All donations are tax deductible

Sustainable community development in rural villages and inner city slums.

3 to 5 years are needed to establish the knowledge and  behavioural changes that  improve the children’s health, changes attitudes to education and develop the knowledge and skills to maintain changes. CINI’s method  engages local government councils and services. It builds their capacity, knowledge, accountability and commitment to improve services and outcomes for the women and children of their community.

These funds also enable CINI Australia to respond to emergencies  such as Cyclone Alia and the much needed COVID Crisis response in 2020 and 2021

Regular monthly donations enable CINI Australia to plan programs that will reach future generations. Become a regular donor for the life of a programs and ensure that change becomes sustainable. You choose the amount and when to stop your contribution.

“One Off” donations are important for both going work and to provide resources for new needs as they arise!

Donate online via GiveNow or with Westpac Direct Debit
Choose a single or monthly contribution

Or post a cheque or money order to CINI Australia
Please include your full name and contact details

PO Box 8358 Angelo St., South Perth WA 6151

Sponsor A Mother and Her Baby

Educate A Child Sponsorship 

Read more about CINI’s sponsorships for mothers and their children.

Sponsorships can be paid in full, by monthly contribution for a single sponsorship or ongoing and you will automatically be allocated another mother or child to support.

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