CINI Australia has two types of sponsorship. Both reach communities in needs and provide support that is otherwise not available.  You will receive reports about how they are benefiting through progress reports.

Sponsor a Mother and Her Baby

This unique sponsorships starts in pregnancy , helping a young mother when she most needs it. You will be by her side her until her baby is two years old for $15 a month.

The most effective way to give a child born into a poor family the best start in life is through its mother. Good antenatal care means healthier mothers, better birth weights, good nutrition and stronger resistance to childhood illness. CINI aims for babies to weigh at least 2500gm and be born in hospital, the safest option. In Australia 2.5kg would be considered under weight but in India this will improve the babies chance of survival.

Health workers do home visits to help mothers to get regular antenatal care and learn to care for her baby.

A local health worker, or women’s self-help group member, makes regular visits to the mother and her family, encouraging her to increase the nutritional value of her diet using locally available produce. Husbands and mothers-in-law learn the importance of adequate nutrition and support for mothers. This is where the intergenerational change begins as families witness the improved health and survival of babies and mothers.

You will receive three reports during your 30 month sponsorship to  follow the progress of a young mother and her baby.  They first has  background information about the mother; next is a photo and news when the baby is born and a finally a report when the baby is 2 year old.

Your support will not only the young mother and her baby, but also her community.

Choose either $15 a month for 30 months, or the full amount of $450.

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Educate A Child

Your sponsorship will help an ‘at risk’ child  to succeed at school and provide them with a safe place to learn and play for only $10 a month.

Topsia is one of Kolkata’s an inner city slum districts where the CINI Kolkata Unit to works with disadvantaged and vulnerable children. Families survive here through leatherwork, rag picking,  bag making, plastic work and other difficult, low paid insecure work. Education takes second place in the battle to earn an income. Many children are first generation school goers and CINI’s primary objective is that they complete elementary education. The children are eager to learn and  at a young age understand that education is an important step on their path out of poverty. Adolescents become role models for younger children and advocates for change in their community.

Your contribution will help support education “safe spaces” and the 25 children who attend. They are simple venues, usually a room contributed by a local club where the children, can play, create and learn in safety.  They get the extra support they need to succeed at school. CINI trained teachers do important outreach work to the surrounding families and assists] under resourced schools to create a child friendly environment.

You will receive two reports of the child’s progress at  school.

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