The Shenton park Meditation group are holding  a mindfulness walking meditation on part of the Bibbulmen Track in the Perth hills.  They aim to raise $2000 for our new Chainagar Child Friendly Community Program
Information or booking: email Gaby Yin –


Since we began the meditation classes at Yoga Moves in 2009, we have been regularly supporting CINI and their work in educating children and young mothers that they may break free from the cycle of poverty, malnutrition an
d ill health that many are caught in.

Each of us ascribes our own meaning to the things we choose to do. We walk in many ways, for many reasons – to get somewhere, to keep fit, to give thanks, to demonstrate our support for others, to restore or challenge ourselves. We can walk and talk with our companions and we can walk in silence. We can go on a pilgrimage. We can even walk ‘wishlessly’ as Thich Nhat Hanh describes the practice of mindful walking meditation. Over time, maybe we can do all these things…