Christmas Appeal 2017

.. to raise $5000 by Christmas for Kolkata’s children.

with gifts that give twice and last forever

CINI Australia wishes you all a very Happy Christmas

& thank you for your support to reach many families in need.

With Christmas celebrations, holidays and gifts for those we love,

we think of others who don’t have so much, so …

 CINI Australia aims to raise $5000 for

Kolkata’s children by Christmas

In 2015-16 CINI identified over 11,000 girls out of school and helped more than 7,000 get back into education.

Being out of school puts children at risk. Not only are they missing out on essential schooling, which is one of the most effective ways to get out of poverty, it means that they are on the streets, in child labour and very vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Living in poverty is hard work for children: no books in their one-room homes and working to help their families survive. A child’s “Right To Play” is lost in this struggle.

Children in Kolkata’s slums come to CINI’s education centers for 4 hours a day. CINI’s dedicated teachers make sure that they are managing their school work. It is a place where they can ‘just be children’ and can play, dance and create in safety.

Many of the adolescents who attended the centers, return to help the next children, because they understand more than anyone, the enormous benefit of this support.

Please include these children in your Christmas plans

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you all

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