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The Library Resource Project

“Reading For All” aims to  provide library resources for the children from Kolkata’s streets and slums. They will have access to storybooks, school texts and a safe place to learn and read. Many of these children are the first generation of their families to go to school and most have no books of their own. The libraries will not only benefit their schooling but also help them discover the joy of reading.

Our current aim is to develop such resources in the boys and girls shelters so that they can have access to the fun of stories in the protection of the shelters.  Experiencing the joy of reading will encourage their future learning. These children come from homes where books are an impossible luxury.

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$2000 : a whole library – equipment, books, computers, music and training

$1000: books, activities and set up

$300: all books for a single library 

$50 or $100: a collection of stories and references

$10: 6 children’s storybooks or 2 high school references

$5: 3 children’s story books or school text

$20 – $50/mth will sustain the libraries

These library resources are not a building but rather a collection of resources in the childrens’ short stay shelters in Kolkata.  They will include references, story books and computer support.  They maybe a collection on shelves in the class room, in other places they will be transported in a trunk for safe keeping when not in use.

There will also be activities, reading, creativity and leadership skills. CINI teaches children about their rights to education and to protection from exploitation.

CINI Australia’s “Reading For All” was initiated in Australia’s National Year of Reading, 2012, recognising the importance of literacy and access to books for our children.

In Australia our children have a good education and an abundance of resources. Our children have beautiful books. Libraries are available from preschool to university. We experience the joy and excitement of reading as well as a doorway to knowledge.

Help this great project to get off the ground
If you, your school or student body would like to sponsor this project and receive recognition on site in India please contact CINI Australia “Reading For All” at admin@ciniaustraliaorg

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